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Buttons (Square 062, Sidney Draw)

Posted by Elizabeth Ingraham on February 28, 2017 in studio, uncategorized | No Comments

A journey of a thousand buttons begins with a single button . . . but it’s still 320 buttons. (Eight terrain squares x 40 buttons per square [20 front; 20 back] = 320 buttons). I have all the tools. “Cheater” needles (self-threading) and Thread Heaven thread lubricant and “finger cots” and a thimble and locking-pliers […]

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“Are you paying attention? We are paying attention . . . “

Posted by Elizabeth Ingraham on April 6, 2015 in uncategorized | No Comments

In the British Museum in the 80’s, the Rosetta Stone was not (at least in my memory) encased in glass but sat open to the air. As I stood beside it and imagined touching its incisions, another┬átourist, part of a small group identified by matching bags, began filming the stone with a video camera. At […]

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