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Silence has a presence

Posted by Elizabeth Ingraham on May 19, 2015 in attention, audio, mapping, nebraska, travel | No Comments

“Silence can be a plan rigorously executed the blueprint to a life It is a presence it has a history a form Do not confuse it with any kind of absence” —Adrienne Rich Orfield Lab’s anechoic chamber, a three-dimensional sound “sponge,” is the quietest place on Earth. It is designed to keep out all external […]

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What the water knows – Part 2

Posted by Elizabeth Ingraham on April 4, 2015 in audio, mapping, textiles, water | 1 Comment

When I stitch the landscape Travel its contours Carving a canyon Traversing a slope Subduing low-lying land with hatching My fabric terrain is neutral Colorless and abstracted, like the map, except for the water which is stitched in blue Listen to more at

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